Beauty Poems: 14/15
Nature, Beauty


© Craig Dixon

I believing that it is of more practical value to live loving than loving to live.

I knelt beside the little stream
All this time peering into the water’s gleam
It shimmered and danced down the meandering steps
Like a beautiful sunfish in the ocean’s depth
I watched it corrode the soil therein
As if purging its pathway from material sin
The pebbles and silt hopped with glee
To the end of the river, to the beginning of the sea
They glided to the ocean’s glistening light
Tossed by waves, to the water’s height

I sprung to my feet with youthful speed
To a tree swaying in the evening breeze
On branches spread-eagled, whistling a benign sigh
I laid my head till the evening died

I saw the beaming sun going to rest
Like a tired child ascending from a mother’s breast
As it descended into the ocean’s blue
It coloured the hydrosphere with a beautiful hue
I looked with intent at the darkening sky
With extended lips, and tearful eyes

I have never felt love so sweet, so deep
Which other realm could attain this feat?
As I lifted and decided to go
I remembered I found that love in you.

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