Beauty Poems: 7/15
Nature, Beauty

Joys of Nature

© Nandita Anand

This poem was written when I saw 3 eggs in a nest,It was nice seeing it.Then I got an idea of writing this poem.This poems is about the things you don't see if you don't observe closely.Though a bit imaginary poem sometimes miracles do happen. Thank you

Look at the nature
It look so gay
Look at the sea
How the waves do play
Look at the tree more closer
a little bit closer
You see a little nest with
3 tiny eggs in it
And suddenly you see a crack
on the tiniest one
And with a whack the bird won
It cracked the egg open
It’s not the thing you see often
While you pray for the welfare
of the baby bird
You hear the song of care
by the voice of the cuckoo
To its little bird
Which has been chirping
At the sight of its mother
Suddenly you hear the painful cry
of a she dog
And then you see a baby
coming out of her
Tears of love, happiness
falls from her eyes
The smell of the teak fills the place
This life is full of miracles
Whole the sunsets
And bleating of the
lambs and goats are heard to go home
Tears of mixture love,
sadness and happiness fills my eyes
Rushing like a river the
bleating lamb surrounds me
The she dog and
puppy sat on lap
And the cuckoo sang a song
on hand so melodiously
Tears flowed from my eyes
Love was filled all over the place
I had to farewell with a heavy heart

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