Beauty Poems: 9/15
Nature, Beauty

An American Fanfare

© Ingeborg von Finsterwalde

I dedicate this poem to the beauty of America. I am very grateful that I was able to see all the wonderful places I wrote about.

I love this land sublime America
Beseeched by all the beauty that I saw
The place where mountains crown the land
Clear water from the streams ran loving through my hands
The Lakes and Parks a pleasure
The streaming waterfalls a treasure
Pacific Ocean waves touch beaches full splendor
With sand so white it is a wondrous sight
On the summit of Mt. Lassen
The view a special treat
I could not help but feel the beauty at my feet
The haunting ruins of Mesa Verde
Covered in a shrouded mist
To emerge a short time later
Seeing Cliff Palace sun kissed
I heard Old Faithful rumble
Before it spewed its plume
Of water vapor steam and mist
Made this display a truly wonderful artist
The mighty Trees in the Redwood Forest
Will take your breath away
And leave you praying they will always stay.

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