Beauty Poems: 8/15
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The Element of Surprise

© Mrudhul

Hello, I'm mrudhul here, I had written this poem when I was in 6th grade. It's a complete personification of fire. hope you all like it..

I can be started with just a tiny spark,
But beware I might go beyond my mark.
As I continue to grow it gets difficult to stop me!
I create terror and spread havoc among all

Burning everything from big to small;
Every plant and every tree.
I’m difficult to control,
But I burn in every soul.

It’s the urge that keeps me going,
And sooner or later I start glowing!
I depict evil, I depict might;
All that is left is me after a fight!

Fear reflects from everyone’s eyes,
As I am the
element of surprise

I feel no pity I feel no pain
All do is burn everything to the last grain.

But I can be useful after all
I show the compassion of the thin and the tall!
Not always do I have to show my dark side.
I can be calm, I can be mild.

You can’t say I’m all bad.
I give you light I give you hope when you’re sad.
I lived through history as a myth and a tale;
I showed anger, even if were pale.

I was picturized through mythological creatures
Which enhanced my fiery freatures.
I bring amazement to everyone’s eyes
As I’m the
element of surprise

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