Beauty Poems: 6/15
Nature, Beauty

The Evening Sun

© Q

It's about reflection, sadness and hope for things to come and things that has already gone.

As I sit here in the evening light,
Watching the day go slowly by,
With sweet silent thought in fluttering flight,
The tears from my heart they rise to my eyes.

Myself I can see in my fantasy world,
In a land far, far away,
Chasing something, something within my very soul
And the tears they rise, they flow and they stay.

And as the evening with its orient light shining On me as I sit by the sea,
With dancing rays oh what a beautiful sight,
The tears oh they continued to rise in me.

Maybe this is how it’s intended to be?
Maybe one day I would follow my dreams?
Maybe? maybe? Oh where is the key!
And the tears they rise and flow in a stream.

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