Mountain Poems: 5/14
Nature, Mountain

Someday A Mountain

© Kaerlek Janislampi

dedicated to the majestic greatness of the mountains that frighten and encourage us.

I’m going to be a mountain someday
and just stand all the time
stalwart and mighty
collecting crystal’s from heaven
and dispersing them ever so gently
kindly and impartially
to thirsty fields below

I will rise to alpine stature
I will be a mountain
firm and ever a humble beacon
a lofty rising peak
that calls to the brave and strong
urging all yearnings
to look up
to arise
and stop determined storms
and be a rocky sanctuary
more than a point of reference
above the din of banality
and hostile indifference
loving in the purity
of nearness to God

crowned in white that holds all color
fed by the groanings of the earth
standing, always standing
yes, I’m going to be a mountain
for this
I rise up

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