Mountain Poems: 10/14
Nature, Mountain


© Dr Shamim Ali

Dr Shamim Ali is teaching in the Department of English (Functional Courses), at National University of Modern Languages. She teaches Applied linguistics at Mphil level and English as Foreign/Second Language to Adult Learners at Foundation, Certificate and Diploma Level. She earned her Doctoral Degr

Any one is there to appraise my love for mountains
Captivated by those enormous and tangible thing
Bracing climate of the mountain valley refreshes my spirit.
Serenity, the peace, the quietness mesmerize me
Mountain houses, beguile me
Mountain people, charm me
Welcoming environment,fascinate me
Greenery, the snow, the flowers always enthrall me
Cannot put in words my feelings I am astounded
Flora and fauna, and the springs attract me
Rivulets present a vision it magnetizes me
It is breath-taking and marvelous
To see the approaching mountains in the distance
Charm is irresistible as they start getting bigger
Chains of green mountains majestic, snow clad peaks
Alluring the bystander towards the beauty it is holding
Mountains, Valleys, streams, waterfalls in all their grandeur and majesty
Permeated by the celestial Spirit

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