Mountain Poems: 14/14
Nature, Mountain

My Mountain Top

© Lacy Reese

A detailed description of the view and feelings from on top of a mountain.

The whole world on the horizon, like a painting in an old man’s home.
The river down below, trickling and meandering to its long awaited destination.
Birds chirping to an old familiar song. Cheerful music boxes in the trees.
Wind whistling through the dead trees like waves shattering upon the shore.
Fresh pine air, like cleanliness just after a long rainfall.
Spring flowers smell strong, as though I’m lying on a bed of them.
Sweet juicy blackberries burst in my mouth like great juice balloons.
Pink salmon from the river like sweet sticky pond water.
Sharp pine needles rest beneath my feet like rusty nails.
The dusty brown earth is cool, its running water as it flows through my fingertips.
Free and clear like a soaring eagle.
Lonely and afraid as if I will never see the human race again.

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