Mountain Poems: 7/14
Nature, Mountain


© Rukiye Henderson

The snow and mist on the peaks of mountains just make me happy, as does nature. I hope that all of nature's beauty captivates you as it did me. :)

Tall and bold like a castle,
Looming in the dark.
They rise to a towering height.
As everything beneath, cowers in fright.

Covered in a blanket of silvery mist,
You feel as though kissed,
By the cold bitter wind as it rushes past.
The snow peaked tops are like pure, pristine crystals, timeless, in all their beauty.

You can smell, feel, taste, and hear all the earth around you.
The sound of birds chirping like music boxes,
The taste of juicy berries bursting with flavor,
The smell of fresh pine air,
And the feeling of pine needles, which, I declare
Feel great on your sore, blistered feet.

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