Mountain Poems: 9/14
Nature, Mountain

Mighty Mountain

© Dustin Hoffman

This poem is dedicated to every mountain any one has climbed.

As you drive closer to the distant hills.
The larger they get.

It takes many miles to realize what they really are.
You gaze upon them with amazement.

They are tall and bold as they stand mighty in the distance.
You stop at the base and raising your head towards the sky.

The peak is so high up, you have to climb the steep hills.
You cant stop climbing the steep hills after you started.

You stop and look up, you see the peak at barely first.
You stop and look up again, its getting closer.

You want to see the top so bad that you keep going.
The higher you climb, the more tired you get.

You look up again and you see nothing but blue sky and multi-colored hills in the distance.
It takes you a minute to realize that you're at the top.

You keep looking un the distance and only see the beauty of the land.
You're thousands of feet above the sea.

You made it to the top of the Mighty Mountain.

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