Mountain Poems: 4/14
Nature, Mountain

Mighty and majestic

© Brandon Herrero

Foot hill of a mountain

Mighty and majestic, standing tall,
Looking over the grassland they continue to rise.
Protecting God’s creatures both big and small,
The echoing sounds of nature abounds.

Atop their peaks collecting crystals,
The whiteness is so pure and clean.
Icicles glimmer so they can be seen,
A crisp chill is in the air.

Dew falls upon the blanket of green,
While blades sway in the breeze.
Shimmers of light bouncing all around,
Grass: green, soft and round.

Oh trees you give shade from the sun and heat from the rays,
You provide safety and comfort all of the days.
To all the birds and creatures of the forest,
You are a mighty guardian.

Up above where clouds roam free,
The beautiful blue sky is looking back at me.
Once the sky turns blue to black,
A twinkling of stars is looking back.

Reflections on the water,
The mighty hills do show.
Ripples of water splashing on my toe,
There is peacefulness like no other.

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