Mountain Poems: 12/14
Nature, Mountain

Camping in the Mountains

© Margaret Dorste

My name is Margaret Dorste, and I live in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Even as a child I enjoyed writing poetry. Now that I am a semi-retired teacher, I have more time to express my feelings about issues that are dear to my heart through poetry: family, children, nature and the environment.

Camping in the mountains,
Makes your senses come alive.
The squawking of the blue jays,
Signals daybreak has arrived.

In the early morning hours,
Outdoors is where you want to dine.
Where the aroma of sizzling bacon,
Mingles with the scent of stately pines.

Gaze upwards toward God’s heaven,
As far as the eye can see.
Watch the squirrels scampering from limb to limb,
And the sun peeking through the trees.

There are so many ways to spend the day,
Challenge yourself to a strenuous hike.
Go bird watching; grab a fishing pole,
Or take a ride on your mountain bike.

Sitting before a crackling campfire,
While darkness wraps us in its arms.
With thousands of twinkling stars above,
Mother Nature enchants us with her charms.

This is your chance to get away from it all,
To let your mind and soul be free.
Before you again face the every day chaos,
That sadly has become our reality

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