Earth Poems

When was the last time that you stopped to consider this planet that we live on? The earth has given us life. Its atmosphere literally puts a roof over our head, while the plants and trees provide us with the air we need to breathe. Countless species all cohabiting on this one incredible planet in harmony, and we’re destroying it. Animals are going extinct, natural resources are running dry and countrysides are quickly becoming cities. Why are we not doing more to protect our earth? From the flora to the fauna, the earth has welcomed us with open arms. It’s time we started to appreciate it.

Poems about our Planet

Showing Love To Mother Earth

Earth Poems: 1/15
Nature, Earth
LOVE LEAD NATURE is an acrostic sonnet, where the first letter of each line forms the title 'LOVE LEAD NATURE'.

Love is like the damask rose
Once smitten, bound by its charm
Vividly feeling nature so close
Every moment makes feelings warm

Learn about being a better thyself
Essence of love shall make you fonder
As the flower enriches the world, it enriches itself
Deeply touched by its wonder

Nurtured scent of the damask fills the air
Acutely mesmerizing mind, heart and soul
The sweetness that pulls those with the flair
Ultimate pure happiness without any foul

Relish the true beauty of divine nature
Earthy wonders lead to blissful future.