Earth Poems

When was the last time that you stopped to consider this planet that we live on? The earth has given us life. Its atmosphere literally puts a roof over our head, while the plants and trees provide us with the air we need to breathe. Countless species all cohabiting on this one incredible planet in harmony, and we’re destroying it. Animals are going extinct, natural resources are running dry and countrysides are quickly becoming cities. Why are we not doing more to protect our earth? From the flora to the fauna, the earth has welcomed us with open arms. It’s time we started to appreciate it.

Poems about our Planet

Showing Love To Mother Earth

Earth Poems: 1/16
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Where Does It Stop
This poem was written in 1989. As an individual who has always been concerned about human, animal and marine life, and all of mother earth...this poem shows my concern for the direction, it seems, that we seem to be moving in.

Where does it stop — the iniquitous plunder
The murder of thousands and more
And where do the rights of the unaware go
When ruination is at their door?
All for the hopes and the dreams of the despoilers
Of the land that the innocents flee
And one by one, the blameless surrender
To the usurpation of the greedy blaspheme

Oh, where does it stop — the iniquitous plunder
Its man’s own destruction, you see
For when he tears down the land, and kills all creation
He, too then, will have nowhere to flee
His pollution, his plunder, her perfidiously performs
His destiny, like those gone before
Will soon tumble ’round him – extinction abound him
And ruination will be at HIS door