Dog Poems: 3/8
Nature, Dog

What is a dog?

© Jill

Ok well none of the poems were good for a poem assignment do I made this to turn in at school!

What is a dog?
A hopper like a frog?
A biter like a lion?
Does it like to go a flying?

A dog is fun,
They like to run,
It likes to play and spin,
and stay with its kin.

A dog is mammal,
and not a camel,
A dog will bark,
Sometimes at a lark.

A dog has fur,
It'll drool for sure,
A dog has ears,
That come in pairs.

That is a dog for you,
When you're mad you just yell shoo,
The dog will know he has done wrong,
But soon just sing a lullaby song!

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