Dog Poems: 8/8
Nature, Dog

A Dog’s Meaning

© Amanda R. Crandall

A poet shares his interpretation of a dog's essence.

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Friendliness, Loyalty, Companionship;
We long for these traits.
You cannot buy them at the store,
Sell them on eBay,
Or throw them outside.
Once we find them,
They are lost,
Within the dark corners of our hearts,
Too scared to come out,
Afraid they will be overwhelmed in the darkness.
But there is one creature,
That keeps these traits fresh in their hearts,
God put them in the form of dogs.
To greet us when we come home,
To soothe us when we are sad.
They will never tell rumors to our neighbors.
Never cuss, hit, or spit at us.
Always willing to work,
Never complaining that the work is too hard.
But slowly, we are taking the dogs love away.
We hit, swear, and kick until bruises are left,
Not on the outside but on the in,
One day they will fight back,
And we will be lost once again.

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