Dog Poems: 4/8
Nature, Dog

Tribute to the Golden Retriever

© Jeanne Fiedler

This poem is about a beautful dog and his realtionship with his Master and the beauty and love in nature. It's a story about pure, happy love and man's connection to his environment.

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My golden dog he scurries and runs
His hair shines in the noonday sun
He topples over the open dirt trail
Wagging goes his little tail

His radiant glistening gold fur
Gave him the name &quotGolden Retriever&quot
He climbs up the hill on top of the rocks
He's hurrying to get to the rocky docks

Where the little rocky pond awaits
Where he jumps in the water to catch his bait
A little branch tossed in the water by his Master
He swims toward it getting faster and faster

This is what he lives for in his life
At home he takes care of all the strife
His Master rewards him in this park
For keeping guard at home after dark

A dog and his Master have unconditional love
A realtionship made by God above
There's nothing more a dog owner likes to see
Then his dog swimming and playing so happily

He shakes his fur out and lets out a bark
Breathing, his tonque out, gleeful as a lark
He's reached the great American Dream
Which he symbolizes with his coat so sheen

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