Dog Poems: 1/8
Nature, Dog


© Bob busso

He looks at you
He wants your touch
or perhaps a treat
or a stroke and such

He's proud and he struts
always happy to greet
a white fluffy Eskie
he can be fierce or sweet

As he ages I can see
he's got problems just like me
can't move like before or hear too well
never complains, oh no, not he

Sometime soon we'll have to part
but I'm not sure who'll be first
if it's you I'll miss your greetings
but not seeing your face will be the worst

the house will be empty
an empty space in our heart
but we will be happy that,
of our family you were a part

So thanks Mishka for the fun times
which we won't have anymore
no but most of all I'll miss
your greeting every night
At the door.

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