Dog Poems: 7/8
Nature, Dog

Man’s Best Friends

© Abby Teague

So many different things can happen to puppies when they grow up.

They start out as pups,
And mature as they grow,
Patiently learning,
What you want them to know.

Some grow to be show dogs,
The prettiest things,
Strutting their stuff,
In the show rings.

Then there are those,
Who are brave at heart,
Taught to fight crime,
Right from the start.

Also there are some,
Who lead the blind,
Then there are those,
Who search and find.

Some are kept,
To be good company,
Others are there,
To guard your family.

But what about the other ones,
Who have no home at all?
Abused, abandoned, starved and killed,
Some barely too young to crawl.

That is why we ask of you,
To spay or neuter your
They will live a longer life,
Just go and ask your vet.

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