Environment Poems: 19/21
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The Creek

© Zaeem Ahmed

My name is Zaeem Ahmed, i was doing a poetry assignment and had to write a poem. This poem "The Creek" was one of the four. Although I am not very fond of poetry i thought that this was a good poem and hence i published it 19-06-08

The Earth seems to move,
As the pink clouds above drift,
The water ripples at your feet
The sand and leaves shift

Mountains arise on either side
And green trees raise high
Below grow plants that are evergreen
The animals are not at all shy

Birds fly like fighter jets
Tadpoles swim in the shallows of the creek
Slowly come out the lizards for a little more heat
Ducks swim around with an upraised beak

As the sun hides away,
It gets dark and its time to leave
Animals go to rest after a day of play
I want to come back another day

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