Environment Poems: 6/21
Nature, Environment

Nature Knows

© Fxentirimam Zara I. Jauro

I dedicate this poem to my beloved parents, Na'omi & Ibrahim. They are God's instrument in moulding me.

Do you know?
Do you understand?
Do I know?
Do I understand?
Nature knows, nature understands
That every time you rob her of her very own-her plants, her animals, her gems
she gives her best-fresh air, water and all
But you give back to her chemicals & poisons in the air and water,
take from her so much and there’ little or nothing left.
She then gets angry-the storms, typhoons, tsunamis, cyclones
she cries, she weeps -the drizzles, vengeful downpours, floods
she starves-the droughts, famines and deserts.
Now you and I know and understand.
Then help her, save her!!!

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