Environment Poems: 8/21
Nature, Environment

A Message

© Genevieve garcia

This poem is about how to keep faith that people can still make the world a better place...

Wake up little one, come with me..
A voice says, “ you’ see,”
Who are you? I asked…
It doesn’t matter, come, my child.

Warm hands holding my own,
Reluctantly, she led me on,
Open your eyes don’t be scared…
Oh! What a sight, I exclaimed.

Beautiful flowers, colors blending
Trees swaying, it looks like they were dancing
Hello! I heard from up above
Surprised, I saw an eagle soaring on the clouds

What a wonderful place, I said to her
Yes, it is for you to see, my dear
Why? What do you want me to understand?
You’ll know in time, don’t rush things beloved one…

I woke up on my bed, realized it was a dream
I smiled, things are more beautiful, it seems
The day started with a good feeling
But later on, my mood is changing

All around me, pollution is raging
No flowers to graze our surroundings
No trees, birds singing their song
Just people and all the destruction

Feeling defeated, I rest my tired eyes
How can something so beautiful be destroyed fast
Sad and disoriented, I was again dreaming
I heard someone call my name again

Child, it is I, Mother Earth,
don’t be sad, don’t lose faith
In my heart, you’ll find beauty again
Don’t let everything be just a dream…

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