Sky Poems: 13/16
Nature, Sky

The Animal Within

© Aubrey M. Kibby

As I glance at the clouds I wonder,

If I could escape for a moment,
In the body of an elephant,
How fun it would be,
To carry a prince on my back,
Through the jungles of India,
His precious jewelry clinging and chiming,
With every powerful step I take,
Knowing that he could not make it without me.

But the clouds change,

And I see a wolf,
Crouched down as if stalking his prey,
And I find the thought,
Of ripping food apart,
With razor sharp teeth appealing,
How powerful a sensation to have the blood of another,
Drip from your jaws.

And the wind shifts directions,

And I notice the mane of a lion.
He lies on his side without a care in the world besides,
The incessant biting of flies that do not seem to leave,
Even with a great clout of his tail.
How pleasantly boring the life of,
This lion would be ' and I yearn,
To be able to nap in this shade,
Instead of carrying on in this life,
Where absolute satisfaction seems,
Near impossible to achieve.

I take a step,

A dolphin is born-
Free to conquer the waters,
As it pleases. I begin to think,
That I would not mind,
Traveling the endless salty oceans,
How glorious to journey near and far at will,
Without losing direction and hope in the future.

And I see a new figure forming,

From a different angle,
I see a mother, child at breast,
Supplying nourishment to sustain life,
Freely giving endless love'
I envy the bond they share.
How dear to cradle a babe in arms,
Knowing it was you who gave them life.

And after all of this,
I look at the heavens once more,

Oh, but to fly like an eagle,
And shape the clouds with my wings!

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