Sky Poems: 8/16
Nature, Sky


© L.Ramani

sky is it mystical scientific or heavenly god only knows.

Sky are you myth or reality
You are real because clouds dance on you
You are myth because no one can reach you
Even your colour is a reflection and unreal
If so how thou art real
Galaxies and Milkyways tread on you
Man treads on a solid surface
But how the stars tread on an empty surface
Is your surface superficial and empty
or the pathway to the great heaven
Zilch is zero and no value
But zero is the greatest invention
If it was not there no math and calculation
So it is invaluable and priceless
As you are also a zilch
You are also an invaluable value
Sky why are you so high and unreachable
Is it to inform not to aspire without potential
When you are only nothing but space
Why not we aspire without anything
As nullity and Vacuum are the greatest phenomenons.

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