Sky Poems: 14/16
Nature, Sky


© Loraine Griffin

Nighttime is a heavy mysterious darkness that fills the world. In the morning it is overtaken by light.

Darkness is the tune she weighs,
Starrily is the tune she plays,
Gently is the wind she blows,
And where it leads, no one knows.

Meekly is the darkened sky,
Handy are the clouds that lie,
Smoothly do the tree tops wheeze,
Quietly to set the mind at ease.

Beauty is the color of the sights unseen,
To mystify tomorrow's dream,
Heavily is the darkness borne,
To keep the lightness at a mourn.

Slowly reaching for eternity,
Wanting some help so desperately,
And viciously does the darkness fight,
For it is overcome by daylight.

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