Sky Poems: 12/16
Nature, Sky

A sunset in heaven

© Janine M. James

This is a sunset in heaven.

A Sunset in Heaven
How absolutely astonishing, It must be, to see a sunset in heaven. The creamy clouds reflecting off the, Blinding sun. On some the sky is probably painted, A bloody pomegranate scarlet,
While other days are candy colored orange. Each sunset is a little different though. Some have a little more violet, Or less orange,
Making them have a strong golden hue. And there are some that fade quickly, As if the sky is one large ember.
Those are probably lovely. But then there are those that just, Try to keep daylight going.
The ones that a person might wish, Never fade.
They are probably far too beautiful for anyone,
To describe. Once the sky turns to blue and black, It is all over. Sun rises, Do not seem as if they would, Be as phenomenal as a set. It would be the type of happening, That even the wildest of individuals, Pay attention to. Luckily in heaven, The sunsets are only forever.

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