Sky Poems: 5/16
Nature, Sky

Our Solar System

© Abigail R. Strick

A cute little poem about all the planets in our solar system. Worth the read!

One night when I looked up at the sky,
I could see the whole entire solar system with the naked eye.
I saw Mercury and Venus,
And I could imagine all of the warmness.
I saw Mars and the Asteroid Belt,
And I wish I knew how that felt.
Then I saw Jupiter and Saturn,
Whose rings’ each glowed like a lantern.
Then I saw Uranus and Neptune,
And for each planet saw more than one moon.
Then comes Pluto the last planet of all,
Looked as tiny as a rubber ball.
The morning came and out came the sun,
I’ve listed our whole entire solar system, now I’m all done.

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