Environment Poems

The earth is a truly remarkable place, but its environment is something that all too often we take for granted. The natural beauty of seas and forests are beyond compare, and yet we continue to pollute and corrupt them. We depend on our environment for our very existence, while all the while we continue to destroy it for materialistic gain. If humanity wishes to thrive, we need to learn to protect and embrace this planet and not work against it. If we don’t, we run the very real risk of destroying our home, and condemning future generations. We cannot let that happen.

Environment Poems: 1/18
Nature, Environment
if the natures suffers

Un-warranted and un-controlled civilisation,
and exponential population explosion,
Open drainage and ever-growing pollution,
Human being creating all congestion.

Nature is bound to suffer,
Nobody really bothers.

Man-made Factories & industries releases harmful gases,
Added by vehicular carbon monoxide,
Is human being really bothering?
Leading to abnormal suicide.

Friends, get cautioned, awake and arise,
Stop playing with nature guys,
If nature starts playing with us.
Unwarranted and untimely deaths will rise.

My caution
let not the nature suffer,
Care and bother for the nature to prefer,
Save trees and let the environment be user-friendly,
Generation next will thank us surely.

Save nature and nature will save our generations.