Insect Poems

The life of an insect can be a fascinating subject. Unlike many other species, insects often live with a singular purpose in life; staying alive. However, most people cannot look at any kind of insect and see anything fascinating, but rather a pest that must dealt with. Different types of insect are also often associated with certain feelings. Spider webs are constantly used as a tool to signify both old age and fear, while cockroaches indicate filth and dirt. Ants are used as examples of teamwork and strength. These associations have led to insects being a common occurrence in modern poetry.

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Firefly Faeries
A poem about fireflies lighting up the night.

Luminescent lullabies, fireflies in the night,
Fill the sky with wonderment, each miniature lamplight.
Bright yellow-green, lustrous sheen, flitting to and fro,
I wonder if fireflies ever have no place to go.

Beating wings of faerie dreams, magical and rare,
Do fireflies fly with eyes wide open, in a random stare?
Elliptical, iridescent light bulbs on their backs,
I think I'd be but half amazed, if I knew all the facts.

To me, they are small sentinels, for bigger faerie folk,
Guiding lights when night puts on her dark-blue, velvet cloak.
Creatures creep, from out of shadows, when the moon is new,
Firefly faeries light the way. They know just what to do!

I would try to catch one in a jar, when just a tot,
Lightning bugs, we called 'em then. Gosh, there were a lot!
Dancing on the firmament or skimming over rocks,
Bug or faerie, they are very beautiful to watch.