Insect Poems

The life of an insect can be a fascinating subject. Unlike many other species, insects often live with a singular purpose in life; staying alive. However, most people cannot look at any kind of insect and see anything fascinating, but rather a pest that must dealt with. Different types of insect are also often associated with certain feelings. Spider webs are constantly used as a tool to signify both old age and fear, while cockroaches indicate filth and dirt. Ants are used as examples of teamwork and strength. These associations have led to insects being a common occurrence in modern poetry.

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The Roach
I am a retired teacher of 38 years at the same scholl in Florida. I developed an Insect Unit to reteach my students initial letter sounds.

Big roach, small roach,
Crawling on the wall roach.
Black roach,brown roach
Crawling all around roach.
Get rid of these pests its
really a must.
We'll smash them and crash them
right into the dust