Insect Poems: 3/11
Nature, Insect

Jealous Leeches

© Larry Gore Jr.

The people s/he once trusted have become like leeches, as they sabotage her, deform her, and pick at her wounds.

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They overeagerly anticipate my demise,
Looked upon with deceitful eyes,
Becoming a victim of their aggressive lies,
But with keen discernment, I could,
See beyond their foolish disguise.

Sabotaging my creditability,
Deforming my character trying to,
Subjugate my development.

Their envious cognition has spited their soul!!!

Hatred beyond comprehension,
Beyond imagination,
My pleasure has sparked up their indignation.
My comedy becomes their drama,
My worst could easily surpass their greatest feat.

I am left in perplexity, thoroughly disgusted,
I am picked apart and wounded,
by the people I once trusted.

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