Water Poems: 2/12
Nature, Water

The Gulf

© Kellis

The Gulf of Mexico contains a symphony of birdlife that lifted my spirits on a gloomy day. Bio: Graduate degree in Education with additional graduate studies in linguistics, Spanish, and Conflict Management. Professor, trainer, and program designer of over 30 years of work experience

Wavy lines in the grey gulf reflect faint hues of yellow, even blue
all contained in a faint stripe not far from the flat shoreline of busy Sandpiper patrons
Indeed, the seascape offers a perfect backdrop for the casual witness who has nowhere to go
The sleepy swells of the gulf waters attempt but deem powerless to lull the cacophony of birdsong and bustle
With speed of drama, the background scene unfolds a chorale of unnamed black plumes lunging into the gulf surface like miniature kamikazes
Determined Seagulls vainly assemble in the midst of the gentle white caps, seeking refuge amongst their own
To the northwest, fancy Terns skitter the surface glass at a most perfect diagonal like the water ballerinas favored of yesteryears
Entering stage east, a regal Pelican sporting a tinted head crop reveals his warrior markings from the unforgiving salty gusts
His majesty glides steadily towards the hazy sun, commanding, but oblivious, to viewers

Or to anything for that matter
Other busy wings join the vastness of today’s fluid performances:
solitary birds requiring loneliness
loners floating with the fine infinite rhythm of the gulf ebb
ebbers seeking their daily companions
Ah, the sadness of the day is broken as the onlooker releases a forgotten breath
No soul is walking on the beach
A car horn pierces the tranquility
How dare the intrusion

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