Water Poems: 8/12
Nature, Water

My Own Little Stream

© Haley Gill

It's a poem about a place I go every year

Today’s my day off
I’m ready, I’m free
To see the whole world
And make it my own
I go to a place so peaceful
Yet exciting
It renews my whole soul
Digging deep
To let that true nature freak out
Getting out I remember this place
So beautiful and lush
With everything we miss in the big city
Walking down a trail
With a stream on my right
And the brush on the left
I just enjoy it
Sinking into God’ great big wonderful world
I stop and I look
Ah ha! Here it is
The old path I found once before
Skipping through
I cannot wait and break into a sprint
The wind in my face and the pusy willows in my hair
I come around every bend, smiling with glee
And laughing as the low hanging branches
Gently pull on my hair
I see the end of the path
And close my eyes
Step out of the path
And just take it all in
The clear blue sky with the blazing sun
Surrounded by a scene of sensuous green mountains
The smell of pine in my nose
A cool summer breeze against my face
The taste of fresh air dancing on my tongue
The sight of God’s creation
It’s all right here
Then I look around here
Right next to me
I see tall grass
It comes to my knees
A worn path
That weaves in and out
Like a snake in the sand
As I walk through it
The grass tickles my legs
To a crystal clear stream
It leads me to
And a footpath of rocks
Leads me across
To a grander stream I go
And a petite little island
Lies in the center
I stroll through the water
To the island to lay down
I close my eyes and think
“It’s is so beautiful.
What else is out there?”
I can’t just lay here
I get up and sprint
And look around
A new little path
Comes to my eyes
I go down it to see
To see what it shall reveal to me
To see the whole world
And make it my own.

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