Love Poems: 3/10
Life, Love

The Bohemian Poem

© Samael Darko

Hi, my name is Samael. The inspiration for this poem came when I saw "The Simpsons" series where the poet Robert Pinsky read his lines from a poem ( I don't remember the title), but the pair of words that didn't have nothing in common charmed me. Then I've thought of the Bohemian poem.

Running like cold silver,
That are my nights.
You are like a heating shiver.
Running down my spines.

Who are you, friend or foe,
Woman of Grace ?
An Angel or black crow,
Or my last embrace?

My rainbow is turning black,
And my clouds are burning.
I’m going back.
But I start learning,
What you mean to me…

You’re my flame in the winter of fear.
I’ll wait until the end starts,
As I lie dead in black despair,
Through my cold lips I say…
I love You with all my heart.

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