Love Poems: 6/10
Life, Love

Love, Memories, Sand.

© Myra DeBlanc

I fell in love at a beach then lost him. When I find him again, I hope to feel that love again.

One day I stumbled upon a beach.
Salty air whipped waves to cuddle my bare legs.
The sun was half way down
yet I could feel its pink and orange rays
highlighting our faces and our hair
like they were trying to push us together
and soak each other up
just like we did the setting sun.

For now it has been years since that indelible day where
we walked to the edge of the world that
holds grainy sand that tickles my feet
like memories of love tickling us with rough feathers.
My laughter as you danced in the friendly ocean,
your smile as I wrote messages in the sand,
your hand as it reached to entwine with mine.
A collage of painted memories
engraved upon my mind.

That boat is where our eyes met
and I didn’t know what was to come.
When you came to seek me in my hidden little house on that beach
my stomach tingled and I had a feeling
I knew something was coming.
The beach is where you stole my heart
and I told you that you could keep it.

I don’t see you anymore.
It’s too hard for two people to find one another
when they live so far apart.
Loving you feels so normal,
but at the same time,
knowing I can’t have you with me
keeps me up at night.
although you are torn from my every day world
to a place I hope is wonderful for you,
I know you are carved on my aching heart
and when I see you I will smile so wide
and each memory of the beach will flood back to us,
for our foolish love will spark a million candles
lined upon an ocean shore
to light our world once more.

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