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My Mother Is In The Mountains

© Suzanne

My mother passed away , a few days before my 18th birthday. My brother and I had to bury her. The day between our birthdays. The saddest time of my life. I love you mom.

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My mother is in the mountains
she is the wind through the trees
she is the sun upon the leaves
she is the sound of a birds wings
my mother is in the mountains
she calls to me at night
she billows through the reeds
I hear her speaking softly
come home to me
my mother is in the mountains
my mother is inside of me
my mother hears my sorrow
she remembers all the light
she carries me into the water
she cleanses me of my fears
my mother was lost some time ago
into the mountains she will show
herself to me in the springtime
when the flowers of purple show
my mother is in the mountains
there she will always be
she waits for me to be there
she waits she waits for me

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