Love Poems: 9/10
Life, Love

Cyber Love

© Pearl Garland Mendia

Can technology sustain a relationship? Can the cyber world bridge the distance between two hearts half way across the world?

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you are here
and yet not here
we trick our minds
that distance is irrelevant
hoping our hearts will follow

and when we believe
this paradox transends us
we see with our hearts
we hear with our souls
we breathe as one

our longing quenched
we are at peace
and slumber beckons
where I once found
no rest

yet in the middle of the night
as dreams carry us
to far off places
our eyes shut tight
we remember…

and forget
not to reach out
with puzzled looks
at the incandescent screen
left open as we sleep

with hands outstretched
half expecting the rapture
from your intoxicating warmth,
-you are across my computer screen
oceans apart and 8000 miles away

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