Love Poems: 7/10
Life, Love

Final Voyage

© Bill Kamen

The summer oasis held their cravings,
escaping from the clamor and bustle
of the heartless reality.

The nurturing summers
unlocked his emotional isolation.

Drifting away, they would
come back on a
crest of a new day.

Sailing on a vessel of embodiment,
cherishing the freedom from within,
realizing no man can be an island.

The raging sea,
The untamed waves
crushing her heart.

Beneath a moonlit sky,
adrift in pleasure,
bonding their love together.

Many summers came and went,
her love never swayed
in celebration of their summers together.

The ruby canvas,
aged and tired,
yet her appearance
still pleasing to the eye.

Beyond the twilight,
they cast off to a distant star.
Their final voyage.

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