Bird Poems: 5/18
Nature, Bird


© Lois Henderson

In thanks to Monique ("Dance! Dance!")

Parrots are a funny bunch-
They often curse and swear-
You really cannot take them out to lunch
When your grandmamma is there.

They like to stride atop a cage,
Much as a soldier might,
Then hang upside down from the top railing-
Oh my, what a sight!

They sample many a tasty morsel
Proffered with anxious hand,
Then shy away from the very next damsel
Who flashes a wedding band.

Never try to shut them up,
Or tell them “hey!”- that’s rude-
They chatter away at you non-stop,
Just as a parakeet should.

But do not blame them for their foibles,
For they are sourced in us.
If only we’d leave them back in the trees-
Or, at least, allow them to do as they please-
Rather than force them into a cage
Against which both beast and bird may rage,
They could remain as the good Lord intended
And not become one of us, appended.

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