Bird Poems: 10/18
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Crow Affair

© Sumanta Sanyal

The crow (Corvus splendens: The Indian House Crow) is a clever bird that has evolved through natural interaction, especially human association. It can thrive exceptionally well amid large centers of human populations, such as the large cities of India. This poem is dedicated to this unique bird that

What seems like wild cacophony
really is a crow-symphony
of cheerful after-dinner song
sang with quite precise harmony
to make all crow-persons feel young.

Sleek black corvine wings swiftly swish
eloquent with gracile flourish
thru the pure pellucid noon air
as if carrying out the sweet wish
of some fondly-crowing cute crow-fair.

Mutinous the crow-babies shout
peevishly wanting to get out
but the cool crow-mothers are stern
firmly fastidiously about
what their crow-children should not learn!

Sagacious the crow-elders crow
about hot things happening below
and quite noisily interview
each democratic crow-fellow
on his or her point of view

the rash younger crows grow ribald
and caw improper words that scald
the tender ears of crow-ladies
who instantly turn to the bald
crow-leader for prompt remedies

and the crow-meeting is at last adjoin'd,
a full extempore song soon coin'd
with much bonhomie 'n' espirits
and a piece of fresh-bak'd bread purloin'd
for some beaksome crowish end-bits!

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