Bird Poems: 6/18
Nature, Bird

Birds of sunfall

© Dinesh

Written in the format Bref double (Originally from French poetry). I wrote this one autumn evening, when watching the birds from my window. It was a grand sight. One of the evenings that I will remember forever.

Birds of sunfall passing in my eyes
Far off in the patterns of storm clouds,
How I wish to freeze you in my thoughts
And paint my poem on skies of yours.

Birds of sunfall singing your song
Pouring o'er hues at the trees of fall,
How I wish to flutter with you beside
And douse my wings at silent shores.

Birds of sunfall, of poets' surmise
Gliding towards where you belong
How I wish to predict your paths
And come to where completeness moors.

Birds of sunfall, this evening dies,
Come to my windows and prove me wrong.

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