Faraway Places Poems: 2/11
Nature, Faraway Place

Nature is so Beautiful Here

© Jamie Vann

Flowers with petals so soft
Their smell in the air so heavenly sweet
Water floats off the leaves like joyful tears
And the sun shines down giving only a radiant heat
Nature is so beautiful here.
The wind whispers secrets the trees
And wisps through the soft, dewy grass
Creating only a light gentle breeze
And leaving a silent calmness ever so clear
Nature is so beautiful here.
An eagle soars over the majestic mountains
Like a king, like a spirit of freedom
How he must love to fly
Nature is so beautiful here.
Beautiful melodic music ascends into the air
And almost seems to touch the heavens
It is a sweet song that small birds wish to share
While they look onto the world from solitary branches
Nature is so beautiful here.
There is a safety to this peaceful world
A place for mothers to cradle young by their side
Everything is always as it should appear
And no creature has to hide
Nature is so beautiful here.
The day is forever sunny in the clouds above
As the eternal day sweeps across the land
This world is one to love
With so much peace, so much wonder, so much mystery
How can nature be so beautiful here?

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