Faraway Places Poems: 4/11
Nature, Faraway Place

A Dream

© Aromal Mukundan

A poem which will take you to another world far beyond the horizon of your imagination. Dedicated to all dreamers..

Close your eyes and see a dream
A land of clouds and rainbow beams
A place which is far and hidden
Where nothing is never forbidden
A world which is still unknown
Were magical fairy tales are born
Up in the north a land which snows
The misery of cold, But no one knows
Penguin, Robins and rain-deers
Herd of tiny little polar bears
Where it rains sparking snow flakes
A land of ice cubed rivers and lakes
A land embraced by dew and mist
Where butterflies and fairies co-exist
A mysterious garden of ever-blooming flowers
Sometimes it rains and sometimes it showers
Daisies, daffodils and lavender
With petals so big, flashy and tender
Colossal mountains and A valley of wind
Where mushrooms grow and in air there’s mint
Dandling in air , A field of corn
Strolling around blue eyed unicorn
Between the field a floating hut
With a blooming garden of haze-nut
Sheep scouting a lush green meadow
A flying hippogriffs trailing shadow
Hoppers , firebugs and honey-bees

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