Faraway Places Poems: 3/11
Nature, Faraway Place

Nature at home

© Jordann M. Black

On a cool November night, the author drifts away to a peaceful place.

On a cold night in November,
Laying on my blanket seeing the stars,
The trees sway like a drunk,
Trying to make it to his car.

I walk through the green grass,
It crunches beneath my feet,
The frost has transformed it,
From softness to a crunchy sheet.

Can you hear the music in the distance?
It deliriously daringly dances around us,
Can you hear it in the still silence?
Is the wind whirling around us?

Feeling as I am floating like a leaf,
That softly sways to the ground,
I drift through the coolness of the night,
To the resting place I have found.

The peacefulness I feel,
In the coolness of this night,
Is disrupted when I realize,
My alarm is ringing and I've missed my flight.

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