Faraway Places Poems: 1/11
Nature, Faraway Place

A Nature Trip To Sagada

© Karen Pactor Alday

The road…
To see the clear blue sky up above
and the early morning sun that shines through
To smell the fresh fragrance of the green grass of summer and the woods of the tall pine trees bearing abundant conifers on its branches
To hear the enchanting chirping of birds
To feel the cold morning breeze, softly touching my cheeks and some gust of winds blowing wisps of my hair
Make me want to welcome the day with a smile and say, &quotWhat a beautiful morning!&quot

To see the long and winding road that seems not to come to an end
The wild boar crossing the way caught my attention – It was my first time to see one!
The rocky cliffs, the large boulders of amazing rock formations
The canopy of trees that blankets the entire mountain
To hear the flow of clean, clear fresh water that springs from the side of the mountains
Make me learn to appreciate the wonder and beauty of nature

The cave…
To see the steep stairway leading to the dark passageway of the Sagada caves and the dancing shadows made by using gas lamps to light our way
To smell the pungent odor of the bat's pings
To hear the trickles of water
Giving rise to awesome formation of stalagmites and stalactites
To hear the eerie sound of bats and the deep echoes of human voices
To feel the thrill of exploring the caves
The cold sensation as I step upon the wet, slippery limestones using my bare feet
The coolness of pools of fresh water inside the cave as I take a dip
Make me want to look back at the primitive origins of man.

The hanging coffins of Sagada…
To observe the rich culture and traditions of the people in burying the dead
To understand the mysterious beliefs of the native Ifugao
That hanging the coffins high up into the mountains would bring souls nearer to heaven
Make me realize the diversity of cultures, traditions and beliefs of people

Keeping in touch with nature once again
Seems to revitalize the energy within me
Helping me to know myself even more
Making me fully human, fully alive.

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