Water Poems: 4/10
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The Waves

I wrote this poem 6 years ago on a trip to a beach in India. It was written out of the beauty that my eyes drank. I have been writing poetry now and then where ever the mind goes souring through the waves. Its my first post here. I wish to share the beauty that I witnessed with others who might wish

As fierce as Alexander
s sword,
So very cold, like an assassin
s heart.
It catches every one
s sight,
And makes them wonder at this great delight.

I stand upon the sandy beach,
With them crawling up to my knee.
My heart then ever does try to reach,
Out to the waves dancing free.

As they come with a roaring sound,
I could feel their mind very clear.
They do rise like a killer hound,
Yet their grace precedes a deer.

My eyes then did feast on the azure sky,
Silhouetted elegantly against the dancing waves.
Whilst these waves ever did try,
To pull my legs to their underwater caves.

Rating: 3.8 - 62 votes