Animal Poems: 14/27
Nature, Animal

A Pack of Wolves

© Katie O

A wolf describes what it is like to live like a wolf and hunt.

As the night falls
We arise
I greet the normal-ranked wolves like me
With a friendly wag
I must bow in submission to the alpha male and female
Or else they will bite me
I growl at the lowest-ranked wolf, who submits to me
I just glance at the four pups

The big black male wolf, the alpha, howls
He is announcing that it is time to hunt
Everyone runs off with the alphas
Except the lowest-ranked wolf, who is always the babysitter

I run joyfully
Howling the hunting song
Alpha barks
He has caught the scent of a herd of elk

We all get quiet
Following the scent
We see the elk
We spread out
Then target the weak or sick

It’s an old female cow
Probably on the brink of death anyway
We close in on the cow
She fights and runs

Maybe she had a lot more energy than we expected
Because I had to run pretty fast

But the cow soon began
To slow down a little
And we all jumped at the chance

I bit at the cows neck
While the rest nipped at her heels
And her belly

It wasn’t long before
The cow collapsed
Alpha made the killing blow
A crushing bite to the head

The alpha male and female got to eat first
Then the normal-ranked wolves and me
Finally the lowest ranked wolf and the pups ate the scraps

The sun began to rise
Alpha howled and we all ran
Back to the den
When we slept until nightfall again

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