Animal Poems: 13/27
Nature, Animal

Hoo Goes There?

© Sharon Hanzik

About the amazing owl.

Softly feathered for silent flight,
Moving about in the calm moonlight.
We cannot hear them unless they call,
Who cooks for you? Who cooks for y
A soft call is carried away by the wind,
Hoo, hoo-hoo, over and over again.
A flash of white swoops low overhead,
Shh-shh, enough said!
Night-time hunters see well in the dark,
Almost never miss their mark.
Hearing is even better than sight,
They hunt by sound on the darkest night.
With powerful talons to catch their prey,
Rarely a rodent gets away.
In daylight, hidden, blending in well,
An owl or limb? It's hard to tell.
Meadow, forest, farm or town,
Owls are great to have around.
They come in all sizes, live anywhere,
Some species common, some are rare.
Wherever they live, they add to the place,
A sense of mystery and natural grace.

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