Animal Poems: 4/27
Nature, Animal

A Hunters Lesson

© Charles R. Montonya

I wanted to go hunting,
So I bought A 303.
I bought a box of bullets,
So I could practice at a tree.

I went to Lake Wright Patman,
And I hid behind a rock.
I stared into the bushes,
Where I heard a sudden knock.

I slowly raised my rifle,
And slowly raised my site.
I watched for that bush to move,
I watched with all my might.

Then the bush stirred gently,
I knew I had this deer.
I slowly pulled the trigger,
Until someone said, ‘I’m Here!’

Then a boy went running,
From that bush and up a hill.
Calling for his daddy,
I then felt a real cold chill.

I dropped my gun in disbelief,
That gun, my pride and joy.
I was hunting for a deer,
But nearly shot a boy.

Now I won’t go hunting,
I always see that boy.
And me seeing a gun,
As if it was a toy.

I always often wondered,
I even asked my wife.
If I went hunting earlier,
I might have taken his life.

So now I stay at home,
To feel all the joy.
To know I went hunting late,
That saved a little boy.

So hunters please remember,
Before you take a shot.
Ask yourself a question,
Is it really a deer or not?

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