Wind Poems: 9/9
Nature, Wind

Whisper in the Wind

© Samantha C. Fifer

The girl dances with the wind at night as it whispers to her, and she wonders if the summer breeze will last forever.

I hear it calling me,
In the middle of the night.
A whisper at my window,
Beckoning me to frolic,
In the cool summer breeze.

It blows gently through my hair,
As I dance across,
The soft green grass,
The wind tickles my feet,
When the breeze ruffles through the grass.

I dance to a pond where,
Every time I sit down,
At the murky water,
I can see my reflection,
By the moonlight dancing,
Across the water.

My reflection fades away,
When a willow branch whips,
At the water, and cast,
A ripple that continues,
Throughout the pond.

I lay here gazing up,
At the starry night,
Wondering how it can,
Be so beautiful.

And if it would last forever,
But then I realize that,
Not every thing lasts forever,
But comes once more,
After anther day,
Comes upon us.

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