Wind Poems: 2/9
Nature, Wind

calling my name

© Artimis Deanargo

this is dedication, to one of my great ones I lost, through distance, ocean seperate us.. a potiental someone u can spent your life with..(u only have three great ones in your life.. )I'm a beginner.. so if you got something to say.. let me know..

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I hear the wind calling my name,
a sound so strong that it leads me home again,
The beast in me roar to reply,
its in vain,
for others do not reconize my authority,
in name,
I'm a nomad by heart,
I search to find the birth of the wind,
while I search,
I do my sin,
no greater feeling catching the wind.
How do I do this? My tune up dode challenger or a Harvey Motorcycle.

The beast in me reflect,
the beast I ride,
My destination,
the shore of the ocean tide.
Tide is pulling my emotion,
time is in slow motion,
The winds calls again, when do I stop, I have a feeling I'll know, when times up..

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