Wind Poems: 8/9
Nature, Wind

My Savior

© Ashley N. Potts

The wind, a savior, whisks away problems, wraps you up tight, and listens to everything you have to say. This poet extols the wind as a best friend forever.

Nature’s melody, unknown and unseen,
A song, a story that is yet to be heard.
A moment in time that is meant to occur.

In a singsong voice, a lovebird chirps.
In a perfect picture, something is gone,
That something, invisible, from dusk to dawn.

It’s the most harmonious thing that nature can offer,
That blows through canopies of trees large and small.
The thing that whispers sweet nothings to enthrall.

It blows the flowers to and fro;
Like an artist’s palette; beautiful colors flow through.
It breathes beauty upon the earth to subdue.

As it whisks by, my problems float away.
And negativity drops off completely,
As the scents of nature drift to my nose discreetly.

If you’re completely silent, you can hear,
And you can see the trees move ever so slightly.
And you can feel it wrap around you so tightly.

It is soft and sweet, and it hums an innocent tune.
And the way it portrays it’s security,
Is to flaunt around its best feature, its purity.

It is unique; it flows like no other,
It passes through every crack, hole and corner.
To this magic, neither animal nor plant is a foreigner.

As I stare out to the wind, and listen to its song,
It’s breath of life does fall upon me,
And its innocence fills me to a great degree.

The brilliance sweeps me off of my feet,
And the life of it all fills me to the brim!
While I sit here with a sudden whim.

Wonderful wind, won’t you be my best of friends?
You’re greater than any I’ve had before,
You actually listen and you’ll never ignore.

You’ve existed since the beginning, and will last ’til the end,
You will always be there to sing me lullabies at night.
And you are always there, beyond our sight.

When others abandon me and the world is destroyed,
You are there, right at my side.
And with all of my problems, in you I confide!

So as I rest tonight, I give you my word.
Sweet wind, my savior, if you watch over my soul,
We will sing sweet lullabies together,
And for the rest of my days only you I shall extol.

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